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[September 23- November 08,2017]


“ 園児の頃、お楽しみ会にピカチュウがきてくれたことがあります。実際に写真を見たときそれは記憶していたピカチュウとかけ離れていましたが、確かにその時は気持ちが高揚したことを覚えています。おそらくメディアを通すことで存在できるキャラクターというものに実際に会って触れ合うことができたからでしょう。もうすぐ2歳になる甥っ子は、アンパンマンのぬいぐるみ、Tシャツ、水筒、多様なフォーマットにのったアンパンマングッズに囲まれています。”



This exhibition is a solo exhibition of an artist called “Wimp” at ARTnSHELTER, Shinagawa Tokyo. Wimp displays paintings and 3D printed sculptures of famous/commodified characters in an experimental way.


“When I was a kid, Pikachu came for our kindergarten event as a mascot character. After a while, I found a picture of the event, and realised that the looks of Pikachu were quite different from what I was remembering. However, I remember at the time when I was with Pikachu, I was really fascinated. My nephew is two years old now, and he has so many goods of characters and those are everywhere in his house.”


With the ubiquitousness of animation/cartoon characters, as well as the impact of mass production by its industry, we are surrounded by those characters. The symbolism of the characters are flexible, in that it does not relay on one particular medium. By modifying its strong symbolistic ideas, it represents a new perspective of what the image of characters look like.  



↑Photography by  Christopher Isaiah Green

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